Saturday, December 3

November - I hardly knew you

Wow!  November seemed to arrive and leave in the same breath, during which projects were made and ripped.  My NaKniSweMo met with two disasters which proved to be two too many to overcome.  The yarn I picked is perfect, sunny shades, warm & lofty.  I tried a colorwork neck down yoke which I've never done before and something, somewhere went terribly wrong.  It ended up a size big enough for me and a friend to share and I'm still not exactly clear on why. Slightly discouraged, I heard the voice of my Favorite Knitter - Elizabeth Zimmermann whispering "Ah, well these are the things that happen sometimes with designs" and put it away and moved on.

That sweater has been set aside until a time I have a good movie and lots of ripping and detangling time.  I will make a sweater with the yarn, just not that one. Not yet.

The good news is my very own Empire sweater is finished and blocked and waiting for buttons to be sewn on this afternoon.  It is cozy and Autumnal and just plain old perfect.

Over at Double KnotCal & I are working on some holiday hints, crafts, and favorites so you can check in over there over the next month if you're needing a little inspiration for things to make, eat, or buy.

Hope to be back soon with triumphant sweater pics and a few accessories that have been done for ages & just waiting to be shot.  New patterns coming soon!

Monday, October 31

NaKniSweMo -what?!

That crazy combination of letters either means something to you or you think I just suffered some sort of stroke. Don't worry. I didn't.

NaKniSweMo was thought up by Shannon Okey - maybe you know her as Knit Grrl or the face of Cooperative Press?  I could go into some lengthy explanation of what NaKniSweMo is but you should just go over & read the description on the Rav group.  I'll wait.

So...Cal said she was going to do it and so did cross border bud Natalie who claims to be making TWO! I've decided I can't resist the challenge of knitting something in a month that's not on a deadline for a publication.

Do you want to try it?  Well here's a tiny incentive to get you started.  Free shipping in my shop starting today and going until next Monday if you use the code NAKNISWEMO*.  BUT that's only the start...I want to see pics of WIPs and finished sweaters so, if you upload a finished JDMS sweater pic to my Facebook Group or Rav group - you'll be entered in a drawing to win a gigantic hank of Empire.

Yup, 1280yds of aran weight NYS Rambouillet wool. 

Oh, and I know the "real" NaKniSweMo is supposed to be 50,000 sts but I've never been a stickler for the rules so as long as the sweater is either made from JDMS yarn or from one of my patterns AND started & finished in November it counts.

*again, because of my dislike of strict rules, if you want to order yarn and not use it for NaKniSweMo and still get free shipping, that's okay too :)

Monday, October 24

Long time, no blog

I know, I know... it has been ages since anything new got typed in this space!  It's because I've been so busy doing things, I've hardly had a chance to photograph then or type about them!!

Let's see, after Sock Summit I ran head first into fiber fest prep.  I had a lovely time and came home with many goodies from Finger Lakes Fiber Fest, Southern Adirondack Fiber Fest and NYS Sheep & Wool (aka RHINEBECK) luckily I was also selling some stuff along the way.

In no particular order and without pics of everything because well, I don't want to seem like a yarn & notions hoarder (I'm not and I will swear that to you unless you have a trip planned to my studio). OH and some of it is for top secret present making :)

A cute elfin project bag from Stitched By JessaLu -

is it wrong to hope these guys do a little work on the project inside while I sleep?

Recycled Silk from Hampton Artistic Yarns
I *may* have gotten more than the one hank but it was the first time I got to see it in person! I've been coveting online for a while, now the question is what to make with it?!

Also a bag of crazy, tropical fruit batts (nope, not intended) also from Hampton Artistic Yarns, besides just plain liking Debbie, she makes some really lovely stuff. 

This pile of crazy might be my first hand spun "art" yarn.  I think these colors should keep me warm & happy on the most grey Winter day.

Also from a lovely Rhinebeck vendor who didn't label their hanks (please, please, vendors: label your yarn, I'm both slightly disorganized and a little overyarnwhelmed and I will never find the card I wrote your info on)

From what I can remember this yarn is 10-20% angora and the balance is Merino.  What I know for sure is, I bought a sweater's worth mainly in pearly grey and a few bright rose hanks and this sweater will be AMAZING and for ME.

Also irresistible was this rainbow hank of fingering weight SW Merino from Steam Valley Fiber Farm

Honestly, the picture does not do this beauty justice!  Phylleri creates fantastic colorways and I have no idea what this is destined for but it will be good!

Let's see... I also designed a window for Wing & Clover in Rhinebeck

Scheduled some classes at Purl SoHo, including a brand new class to make Fraternal Knee Socks from the toes up

Made pies, ate pies.  Knitted some, ripped more.  Started tweeting.  Saw friends new & old from near & far.  Made plans.  Dyed lots and lots and lots of yarn.

So that was my "Summer Vacation".  What have you been up to?

Wednesday, August 17

Sock Summit round up

Okay, I know, I have no socks on in this picture and most of you have already seen the shoes, but I love them!  Haven't seen them yet?  They are from the lovely Ren @ FairySteps and after wearing them all day standing on my feet for two days straight I love them even more!

I'm barefoot because the weather for the week Cal & I spent in Portland was absolutely dreamy!  Honestly the weather was the least "best" part of our week in Portland.  I could go on and on about how many kind and enthusiastic knitters I met.

The above picture is Lise and a dear knitter whose name I didn't write down & has gotten lost in my memory of new faces LeeAnn, both wearing the Summit pattern from Knitty - which I have been dreaming of knitting in my "off" time, knitted in fingering weight & DK.  I love when a pattern works in multiple yarn weights and one of the awesome things about Sock Summit, this was a totally chance meeting!

And crocheters too!  Let's not forget about the crocheters! The above pic is a close up of the MOST lovely freeform crochet I've ever seen.  Done by the equally lovely Bonnie Pierce.
I love her use of color, some freeform crochet can be a bit, well, garish and hers is so sophisticated & truly lovely!

The awesomeness of Stephanie, Tina, and their crew of henchmen (Natalie, Debbie, Rachel and all the rest) at putting together such a huge and perfectly run event really awes me.  Did I mention they did it all while smiling the entire time. They did.
I was going to post a pic here of the HUGE line to get in the first night but decided some of the tons (hundreds? thousands?) of knitters waiting anxiously to get in might not want to be revealed...
So instead I'll post a few pics of why Portland is kind of awesome:

Yup, a giant bike rack AND a sign that there is additional bike parking..IN THE GARAGE!
Love that!

Portland has its quirks too.  On my first day there I saw the *second biggest pile of pretzels* I've ever seen.  Just laying there on the sidewalk, a garbage bags worth of pretzels but not in a garbage bag.  I guess there was also a craft beer fest happening at the same time but the pretzels were the only evidence I ever saw of it.

Cal & I had one of the most delicious dinners I've maybe ever had at Biwa which I heard about thanks to a tweet from Grace Bonney the woman behind Design Sponge and luckily it was walking distance from our hotel.  To be fair, NYer walking distance but since Cal & I were at one time NYers we were happy for the outside stomping time.  I had one of the most delicious cocktails along with our shared meal of lots (and LOTS and LOTS) of little bites.  It was called the Community Garden and I don't exactly remember the make up but it included tequila, Pimm's and a heaping dose of fresh mint & cucumbers "growing" out of the glass. Crisp and much needed after teaching & vending all day!

I went to an amazing lecture given by Karla & Gladys aka "the pooling ladies".  I am tempted to ramble on about how inspiring and creative their work is but maybe you should just join their Ravelry group & see for yourself.  Basically they have figured out how to make hand dyed yarns behave in amazing and fresh ways.  Did I mention, they want all their pooling knowledge to be open source?  They do and that rocks.  Since attending the lecture I have started two pooling projects but both are gifts so they'll have to remain under wraps for now.

The quick sum up:

I had a booth. I taught classes to some of the nicest, most talented, not to mention FAST knitters.  I ate really, really well, even from food carts.  I got to see a few West Coast friends I see rarely and one I had never met in real life before. I was welcomed to Portland by attending the Teacher dinner surrounded by knitting luminaries I felt so lucky to be in the company of.  I did not make Cal want to kill me or if I did at least she resisted the urge.  I went to the beautiful and beautifully run Happy Knits - if you ever are in Portland, go visit, you won't be sorry.  I found out that Denny's (at least in Portland) has turkey bacon and it's pretty good.  I found out that Denny never ever tires of "put a bird on it".  I realized Stephanie & Tina are even bigger sci fi nerds than I am.  I remembered that no matter how fantastic a trip I have I am always more happy to come home to my house, my kitties and most of all my love. 
I know the next Sock Summit won't be for another 2 years but I'll look forward to it until then.

*this is a Get Smart reference for those of you non-nerds out there

Tuesday, July 26

I'd like to introduce you to....

(hopefully) a few new friends...

It has been a dog's age since I posted here - sorry!  but if you remember waaaay back in June I said I was working really hard on some brand new yarns.

Well, as you're reading this Cal & I are winging are way to Portland to SOCK SUMMIT the yarn is already safely there in booth #823 waiting for our arrival.  Luckily, it wasn't too camera shy before it left and I got a few pictures. 

Evie who thoughtfully shared some of her hair for this yarn.

Artemis - 70% NYS Romney Lambswool 30% Mohair 
Sport weight 337yds 4 oz
Why Artemis?
The ancient Greeks believed she was the protectress of woman & wild animals. This yarn is made, in part, from goats raised by my mom, sheared by a woman, milled at a female owned mill and dyed by your truly (who definitely qualifies as a woman or a wild animal) and all within the bounds of New York State!

 Aurora - 70% Wool 30% Silk 
Lace weight single 460yds 50g

Nimbus - 70% Angora 30% Silk
Lace weight 2 ply 435yds 50 g

And what of Earth is this?
100% Rambouillet Wool 
Aran weight 1280 yds 1.5lbs 
A mega hank of hand dyed Rambouilett Wool designed by me & made exclusively for Jill Draper Makes Stuff! Can you tell I'm excited?

 Even better this yarn is made from sheep to skein right here in New York State.  I couldn't be more proud of this locally grown, milled and dyed yarn, I hope you love it as much as I do!

If this isn't enough eye candy for you, I've posted a whole bunch of preview pics in my Flickr pool in the set Sock Summit Preview

I hope the July heat is, at least, treating your garden well and I promise to tell you all about Sock Summit when I get home.

Until then Happy Knitting!

Sunday, June 12

There is nothing in a caterpillar...

...that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.

That is what Buckminster Fuller said, at least, and if he could imagine the geodesic dome he must have been pretty ingenious.

This picture is from my amazing, lovely, inspiring week at Squam Art Workshops. Without knowing it, I have recently been feeling like this little guy.  Working hard, chewing away a little bit at a time waiting for the day to emerge as a changeling, almost the same but not quite.

More on that in the weeks to come. For now, just know, it might not look like anything is happening but something (good, I hope) is in the works...

Back to Squam, the week started slightly rocky.  Cal, Carisa & I had a little trouble getting to Squam.  If you own a Ford Windstar I strongly suggest taking it to the dealership and having a real, true assessment of it, especially the rear axle. With no warning because of a recall I wasn't notified of, this happened:

And it was scary. Luckily all involved are fine; Cal & I now know what it's like to ride (and knit!) in a van on the back of a flatbed tow truck, so there's that...

Almost All my troubles disappeared though, once I entered the serene setting of Squam, met my cabin mates (Hi, Maple Shaders!) the wonderous Elizabeth and settled in for a beer on the dock.

This blog post would be pages long if I detailed every kind, creative, interesting person I met at SAW, I'll give you the short version and just say, if you have never experienced this, you should.  Every day at lunch & dinner, a table on the way into the dining hall would fill with works in progress, I was so impressed at the quality of work being produced!

And to top it all off, this ^ was the scenery outside my door! How could it be better than that! 

Well, there could be some gorgeous lady slippers in bloom scattered throughout the woods & along paths that looked something like this:
Or nightly, one could hear fascinating talks given by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, Ysolda, Thea Coughlin & Sarah Ahearn...
I could go on...and on...and on...

But, I'll try my best to finish this post up succinctly with 10 things I learned at SAW:

1. Everything they say about Canadians is true (wait, is what they say that all Canadians are talented, kind and hilariously funny? Yes? Then it is true)
2. There are lots of amazing LYSs I've never been to but absolutely need to go see ASAP,
Princess Animal, Happy Knits & Lettuce Knit I'm thinking specifically of you!
3. Tall, thin, blond, gorgeous women can be intelligent, fun, and interesting - what can I say, we all have our prejudices...Thanks Jen, Thea & Noel for showing me the light!
4. New Hampshire in June can have a 40 degree temperature drop in 24 hours
5. Kitchener stitch is named for a general who hated sock seams rubbing on his toes almost as much as I hate it
6. If you are going to SAW and really want to fit in you MUST have at least one Hodge Podge Farm garment to show off, it is perfectly acceptable to have drafted the pattern from Cal's book, made it in one of her classes or purchased one of the lovelies she makes herself - I have two of the three in my closet...
7. You can make monoprints with supplies from the grocery store & help from the fabulous Maya
8. Five days can seem like and eternity and gone in a flash at exactly the same time
9. It is perfectly normal to return home from SAW with 2 twigs, an acorn and 4 strike anywhere matches in your pocket as well as long list of blogs you need to start reading immediately
10. The most wonderful man in the entire world lives at my house and no matter what kind of craziness I put him through I can be sure to return home to a prepared meal, glass of wine & clean kitchen

Okay, back to the dye house for me (that's my basement for those of you in the know :) and hopefully off to a wonderful day for you filled with stumbled upon wonders and just a little bit of letting it all go for a while and soaking in the moment.

Tuesday, May 24

Shoes & more Sock Summit

 If you're in the North East and like me you probably need some color right now.  The picture above is yarn my booth set up at Clermont a few weeks ago. I realized I had nothing but bright happy colors to combat the grey days we've been having.

Wow! This Spring has been flying by.  I've barely put away Winter stuff and it's practically June already!

I've finished one sweater to wear at Squam, (you can buy the pattern on Ravelry if you want to make your own) have a few inches of new knee socks done. Oh, I can't believe I haven't shared these beauties yet...

Yup, I know.
They are divine. They are HANDMADE by the fabulous Ren at Fairysteps.  I could honestly go on for at least an hour about how fantastic these shoes are. If you are one of my real life friends you have probably already heard about them in detail.  After a few weeks wait while they were carefully crafted they showed up at my door & I was absolutely thrilled.  The sky blue leather is so soft and buttery and they are so incredibly well made they were well worth every penny. I'm not sure I've ever loved shoes so much.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the fact that Cal & I are teaching at SOCK SUMMIT and on top of that I might get the rare treat of international buddy Alisa joining us in Portland!! I am so happy.  So happy, in fact, that I nerdily typed into the map (original version here) the Summitistas so generously provided all the vendor names on their places. Is this crazy? Kind of.  BUT I'm teaching & having a booth so my actual shopping time is going to be really limited, which means I need to come up with an organized plan so I don't miss anything!

Wanna take advantage of my dorkiness? You can! Below is a link to the 2 page black & white pdf you can download & print yourself.  This is just how the layout stands now, things can always change so about a week before Sock Summit I'll update this file with any changes.
Sock Summit 2011 Vendor Map

What are your "can't miss" stops at Sock Summit?

Thursday, May 19

Spring has sprung, but it's a little rusty

Yay! First strawberry. Well, almost.

Unexpected tulip. I didn't plant any pink ones, thanks squirrels!

The backyard now smells fantastic! Lilac & Honeysuckle in bloom.

Admittedly these photos are a little over a week old. Why? Well, because it has been raining for what feels like forever!

In the intervening weeks since my last post I've gone to Philly for a family wedding. Which was fun but of no interest to you guys. While in Philly though, I made time to stop at the fascinating Mütter Museum - if you are planning a trip to Philadelphia or live nearby I highly suggest stopping here. BUT only if you are not easily "creeped out" it is a medical museum at the College of Physicians  so there is some stuff that I guess some most might find a little gross. There is no photography allowed inside like most museums, so I guess you are going to have to see it for yourselves.

I will say though they had a plaster cast of Chang & Eng the "original" Siamese twins, that I loved seeing.  I read a great novel about their lives and have been sort of obsessed ever since. They fathered 21 children between them! No pun intended.

I have been busily preparing for my week at Squam Art Workshops.  Getting excited and trying to make lots yarn for the Squam Art Fair, which by the way is open to all, not just Squam attendees. Oh! And there is free beer :)
I have a waaay too long list of projects I hoping to complete while at Squam. Wish me luck! I did complete something *for me* to wear there.  It just so happens I'm also teaching a class on said "thing" starting this weekend at Wing & Clover. I think there are still a few spots left, details on Double Knot.  It a pretty quick & easy knit with no shaping and barely any purling. Okay, there is purling in the ribbing and once you separate the front & back but not too much :)

I have been rabidly following waaay too many discussions of Sock Summit on Ravelry. I still can't believe Cal & I are going!  I mean, seriously check out this list of classes.  I could happily attend ANY of the classes on this roster & learn something from each one.
My classes are here and Cal's are here, come have socky fun with us!!!

I better get back to dyeing yarn. Let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed for some sunny days.

Thursday, May 5

Dinner as the sun sets

Two posts in one week, that might be record breaking for this blogger!

As the weather here in Upstate NY starts to warm up and the days stretch longer and longer I often find myself still working away as the suns sets, only now it's after 7 instead of after 5.  So, I'm always looking for quick fix dinners that are healthy, unfussy and don't have me at the grocery store starved looking for some arcane ingredient.  What the heck is sorrel anyway?

In the Spring and Summer this is one of my "go to" quick dinners. Oh, and if you are a fussy weights & measures type, this isn't for you.  I use "ish" as a unit of measure.

Grilled Trout
You will need one trout per person, the lovely local market here has fresh, boned & gutted trout that are absolutely perfect, the only thing that could be more perfect, for the more intrepid among you, is if you catch & clean them yourselves

You will also need;
1 large lemon or two small lemons (this is for two servings)
a handful of fresh herbs, I used dill in this round but I usually use whatever is up in my herb garden, parsley & thyme are also super delicious
olive oil
salt & pepper, I have to say here you really should use kosher salt & freshly ground pepper, I don't want to sound all food snobby but it does make a difference

Part of what makes this dinner so good is the smoke from a charcoal grill, you could (I guess) cook inside but it's so nice out why not pour a glass of wine & sit on the deck.

Wash herbs, arugula & asparagus and trim off the hard ends from the asparagus.  Set aside while you start your charcoal.

While charcoal is getting ready, soak kitchen string in water for tying your trout up. 
Salt & pepper insides & outsides of the fish and insert thin slices of lemon (about 1/4"), some lemon zest and add lots of herbs.  Sometimes here I sneak a little butter in to, why, because butter makes everything better! But it isn't necessary.

Tie up your fish, I use some method -I think- I learned from watching Martha Stewart tie up a roast.
Rub olive oil on both skin sides of the fish and put it in a pan made for using on the grill.  Once the charcoals are at that beautiful glowing but not flaming stage, put the pan on.
Toss your asparagus with a little olive oil, salt & pepper and put around the pan directly on the grate, keep turning as necessary and take off as soon as they are tender crisp.

After about 5-7 minutes flip the fish, it will take about the same time on the other side.
Plate your trout, grilled asparagus & dress your arugula in a nice mustard vinaigrette and dinner is ready to go!

Enjoy outside, with crisp, white wine or lemony wheat beer.
So that's my quick fix, go to dinner, what about you? I'd love to hear what you make when you realize it's dinner time & have nothing planned.

Tuesday, May 3

Socks, Sheep & Squam

I really don't have a thing for the letter S it just keeps popping up! If you've read (or heard, even though this is the internet I would believe from wherever you are reading this you might have heard me, I'm so excited) my squealing on Facebook & Ravelry but the fantastic Cal Patch & I will both be teaching at this year's Sock Summit and we've been jumping up and down, calling each other & making sure "it is real" and  in a general state of giddiness for months.  FINALLY the classes have been announced and registration starts tomorrow at 12pm PDT!  I will have a booth at the marketplace there as well and the ONLY bad part about teaching & having a booth is I don't think I'll have time to take any classes.  Which truly is a shame because there are some of my knitting heroes, (new & longstanding) teaching amazing classes!

Cal is teaching Embroidery & Applique for Socks and Fanciful Crochet Edgings for Socks  both of which, to this mainly 'plain vanilla' sock knitter, sound perfect!
Franklin Habit, Amy Singer, Lucy Neatby and Cookie A all have classes scheduled that sound so interesting and completely unique.  I could blab on about them but I'm sure they describe them best themselves, go read the descriptions!  Let me know in the comments what you've signed up for so I can "knit" vicariously through you.

On the sheepy front, there is a Fiber market day scheduled at The Clermont Historic Site on May 14th from 12 - 4pm.  I'll be there with gobs of yarn in tow and hopefully we'll have the beautiful, dreamy weather we should be having in May! I hope to see some of you there.

I do all my scheduling on a google calendar and recently the monthly view started showing Sqaum!! That means it's less than a month away. I can't believe it. I am so thrilled to be going, a week by a lake in NH with friends and crafty, fibery, people and classes - even yoga, honestly, what could be better?  Cal & I will be drving from Upstate NY and need travel mix suggestions.  What are your favorite songs or albums to drive to? One of my all time favorites is Nebraska, if you've never heard this album (really? where have you been living?), please, go to your local record store & pick it up.   In preparation for Squam I have been reading a Ravelry thread, called "what are you making to wear at Squam", and feeling panicky about not having enough handmade clothing to wear when there...

But then I finished this sweater. Yay! It was started for a class I'm teaching at Wing & Clover, and it fits me perfectly, I am so happy with my color choice and it's even season appropriate!

I'll keep you updated as my Squam projects progress, keep your fingers crossed for me that I keep crossing "to-be-mades" off my list.

Sunday, February 27

This post is being brought to you by the letter S

Syracuse, NY
First, I've been meaning to tell you all about this amazing fiber retreat I'm teaching at next month in Syracuse.  The picture above is a swatch I knit for the retreat, I'll be teaching a double knit cowl class using this pattern.   I'm also teaching re-knittable aka...
Short row heels & toes.  There are lots of advantages to short row heels & toes but I especially like the fact that if you wear a hole through your precious hand knit socks you can just pick up the stitches & re-knit.  At this retreat I'll be in the fine company of teachers like buddies Cal Patch & Kristy Mc Gowan as well as Jennifer Van Calcar of Holiday Yarns, Sandy Wiseheart who co-founded Knitting Daily, Kerry Dorn, Lisa Ann Merian of Spinner's Hill & Beth Coye.
It should be a fun fiber-y weekend, I hope to see you there!

Rav event here
For those of you (GASP) non-Ravelers you can find more info & register through Yarn Cupboard

Spring & Summer are also filled with lots of stuff I'm dying to tell you all about!  There is of course the fabulously local Chancellor's Sheep & Wool @ the Clermont Historic site in Germantown on April 23rd which is usually nice (read: sunny, not too hot, not too cold) weather and the grounds of Clermont are so lovely they're worth a wander even when not dotted with yummy fiber booths.

Then later in the Summer there are two events that I can guarantee you'll be hearing more about as they get closer...
Sqaum Art Workshops & Sock Summit! Yes, the Squam & the Sock Summit.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to go to both of these for the first time this year! They are still pretty far off so, I'll save all the juicy details for a later post.

Finally on my S theme I created a Facebook page for the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival.  If you haven't been, it is in Greenwich, NY, near where I grew up, and it is a newish & fantastic event.  This is the third year and I suspect it will be even better this year than the past two.  Around 100 local vendors, with lots of space to walk (even with strollers or walkers!) and not so crowed that you can really interact with the vendors & smoosh to your heart's delight.

Well, that does it for now.  
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 19

Color at Fashion Week & Rhinebeck

So in my excitement & blathering on about fashion week & warm weather I forgot to mention something I wanted to let you know about! Why does the first warm weather of the season melt even the most organized of brains? No worries though, it is supposed to snow tonight so my Spring daydreaming has been cut short...

I wanted to remind you that I'll be teaching one of my favorite classes next Sunday and for the two following Sundays (2/27, 3/6 &3/13 from 11-2) at Wing & Clover in Rhinebeck, Knitting in Color

This class is meant for those who have knit lots of projects but are afraid to "go off the map" adding a second color to your knitting projects is a fun & easy way to make that hat you've knit 150 times exciting again! Also, it's a great way to personalize projects.  You could add a band of fair isle at the cuff of a sweater, a monogram to a simple pillow pattern, a slip stitch edge to a basic watch cap.  the possibilities are literally endless!

Which brings me to my next fashion week trend spotting, pop art & trompe l'oeil.  I have always been a huge fan of trompe l'oeil, I have owned & proudly worn both "skeleton" & "tuxedo" t-shirts in my life.  

(photo courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art: Gift of Vera White, 1952)  

 Probably the most famous trompe l'oeil in knitwear is the extraordinary "Bowknot" sweater designed by Elsa Schiaparelli for her 1927 collection (which if you're interested in re-creating, the instructions can be found here - thank you Schoolhouse Press!) and while I'm rambling on about fashion & designers I mention that if you are not familiar with Elsa Schiaparelli's work - get thee to the library! Or at least use google to see some of her amazing, prescient, funny and brilliant surrealist designs.

Sorry, back to this season...

 Jeremy Scott showed a reworking of the classic skeleton tee in sweater form for both men & women. 

Betsey Johnson showed a softer side of gun ownership - that is IF you count a gun print sweater as gun ownership

a new take on her wink collection

 and a short sweater with what looks like a an old ruler with a ruler pun on it, remember those rulers you would get at the county fair?

Maybe visual gags aren't your thing, or maybe the wink is a bit much but just a Cheshire cat grin would suit you?

What better time than now to learn how to not only knit intarsia but in Knitting in Color I also show you how to design your own intarsia patterns and give you knitting graph paper to explore with.  I can't wait to see what you dream up!