Thursday, May 19

Spring has sprung, but it's a little rusty

Yay! First strawberry. Well, almost.

Unexpected tulip. I didn't plant any pink ones, thanks squirrels!

The backyard now smells fantastic! Lilac & Honeysuckle in bloom.

Admittedly these photos are a little over a week old. Why? Well, because it has been raining for what feels like forever!

In the intervening weeks since my last post I've gone to Philly for a family wedding. Which was fun but of no interest to you guys. While in Philly though, I made time to stop at the fascinating Mütter Museum - if you are planning a trip to Philadelphia or live nearby I highly suggest stopping here. BUT only if you are not easily "creeped out" it is a medical museum at the College of Physicians  so there is some stuff that I guess some most might find a little gross. There is no photography allowed inside like most museums, so I guess you are going to have to see it for yourselves.

I will say though they had a plaster cast of Chang & Eng the "original" Siamese twins, that I loved seeing.  I read a great novel about their lives and have been sort of obsessed ever since. They fathered 21 children between them! No pun intended.

I have been busily preparing for my week at Squam Art Workshops.  Getting excited and trying to make lots yarn for the Squam Art Fair, which by the way is open to all, not just Squam attendees. Oh! And there is free beer :)
I have a waaay too long list of projects I hoping to complete while at Squam. Wish me luck! I did complete something *for me* to wear there.  It just so happens I'm also teaching a class on said "thing" starting this weekend at Wing & Clover. I think there are still a few spots left, details on Double Knot.  It a pretty quick & easy knit with no shaping and barely any purling. Okay, there is purling in the ribbing and once you separate the front & back but not too much :)

I have been rabidly following waaay too many discussions of Sock Summit on Ravelry. I still can't believe Cal & I are going!  I mean, seriously check out this list of classes.  I could happily attend ANY of the classes on this roster & learn something from each one.
My classes are here and Cal's are here, come have socky fun with us!!!

I better get back to dyeing yarn. Let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed for some sunny days.

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