Tuesday, May 24

Shoes & more Sock Summit

 If you're in the North East and like me you probably need some color right now.  The picture above is yarn my booth set up at Clermont a few weeks ago. I realized I had nothing but bright happy colors to combat the grey days we've been having.

Wow! This Spring has been flying by.  I've barely put away Winter stuff and it's practically June already!

I've finished one sweater to wear at Squam, (you can buy the pattern on Ravelry if you want to make your own) have a few inches of new knee socks done. Oh, I can't believe I haven't shared these beauties yet...

Yup, I know.
They are divine. They are HANDMADE by the fabulous Ren at Fairysteps.  I could honestly go on for at least an hour about how fantastic these shoes are. If you are one of my real life friends you have probably already heard about them in detail.  After a few weeks wait while they were carefully crafted they showed up at my door & I was absolutely thrilled.  The sky blue leather is so soft and buttery and they are so incredibly well made they were well worth every penny. I'm not sure I've ever loved shoes so much.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the fact that Cal & I are teaching at SOCK SUMMIT and on top of that I might get the rare treat of international buddy Alisa joining us in Portland!! I am so happy.  So happy, in fact, that I nerdily typed into the map (original version here) the Summitistas so generously provided all the vendor names on their places. Is this crazy? Kind of.  BUT I'm teaching & having a booth so my actual shopping time is going to be really limited, which means I need to come up with an organized plan so I don't miss anything!

Wanna take advantage of my dorkiness? You can! Below is a link to the 2 page black & white pdf you can download & print yourself.  This is just how the layout stands now, things can always change so about a week before Sock Summit I'll update this file with any changes.
Sock Summit 2011 Vendor Map

What are your "can't miss" stops at Sock Summit?


  1. I don't think that you mentioned that your shoes were blue on Ravelry. I'm swooning! :)
    Thanks for posting the vendor map of SS11. My can't miss spots are all right around your booth, which is of course on my list, as is BMFA, Miss Babs, & Three Irish Girls! Can't wait!

  2. The color is really *one* of the best parts. I hope you're bringing comfortable shoes, can you believe that vendor list!?
    I hope I come home with LESS yarn than I leave with :)