Thursday, January 21

The State of Organization

Today a box I made was featured in the Etsy "Finds"  on  It is funny to be included in a grouping called organization nation because try as I might my craft space is well, slightly less than organized.  I pine for a clean uncluttered craft space you see in so many aspirational magazines and blog postings but, alas my personality and available studio space won't allow for it...I've decided to share some pictures of parts of my studio I love and although it may never grace the pages of Martha Stewart living it is my happy place...

A close up and a bit further back on my fabric shelves, not perfectly pressed or all turned with folds facing out but, I can usually find what I'm looking for and always need to iron it no matter how neatly it's folded.

A collection of embroidery hoops, my much loved dress form, a strange vinatge toy called The Little Red Spinning Wheel although it actually & inexplicably makes I-cord (remember those little mushrooms with a hole & 4 pegs) well it does that or more rightly, you do that with this, the giant wheel is purely decorative...

Above on the right is a combination of two strange and amazing gifts when I think about them I call them Harold & Maude.  They were separate gifts from different people at different times but, they just seem right together.  Harold is a pigeon skeleton and Maude is a perfectly preserved butterfly some friends found just laying in the street. The picture on the left is just some of my straight knitting needles, the giant circulars too big for my case, double pointed needles and crochet hooks.  Somehow though it always seems the one I need for my newest project is still enmeshed in a forgotten or abandoned something.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this I'd love to see pictures or blog posts of your loved & lived in but not ready for TV studio spaces. 

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