Sunday, January 17


Two things will be revealed about me in this post.

1. I am an unabashed Carly Simon fan - do with that what you will, I know it's cooler to be into Dirty Projectors or Grizzly Bear...
2. I hate waiting!  Not for most things, I am actually quite patient in life but with fiber it kills me to wait.

I bought yarn to dye & add to my shop (eventually) but it's so hard to wait for it to dry!  I just want to play with it now.  It's been so cold that even with fans on the drying racks it is taking d a y s, yeterday was sunny enough it got to sunbathe for a little while.

Here is a little peek 

I feel the same way when I've just dyed a new batch of top, all the top I've dyed before becomes "old" and I only want to spin the newest braid off the drying rack. 

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  1. DUDE! i think i know every word to the album 'no secrets'. that may be the first time i've actually seen her singing when she was young and in her prime; love her dress!