Friday, January 29

Amazing paper art

There are some mediums as an artist that you just never touch.  I would have said any kind of "paper craft" would be mine.  It brings to mind die cut scrap-booking and fussy old Victorian valentines.  Well a few artists I've come across recently have totally changed my mind!
Last night I saw a few episodes of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno if you haven't seen this go  & watch it now!

I have always loved Isabella Rossellini and this made me love her even more, funny and informative.  But, the thing I couldn't stop being amazed at was the sets & props.  I am pretty sure they are mostly made with paper which (to me anyway) is an amazing feat!

The artist's name is Andy Byers and I can't believe I've never come across his work before.

Yup, those are leaves!  I guess this isn't "technically" paper art but Jenny Lee Fowler does use paper in her cutwork as well.  I love these & was really excited to find out she is teaching a few classes at a new shop I'll be teaching at too (more on that soon!)

The work below is the AMAZING work of an artist that goes by Crankbunny.  Her work is so beautiful & intricate it was really hard picking which images to post.  I always loved pop up books or any kind of book that had a 3d quality

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