Saturday, February 2

New Stuff (even on Groundhog Day)

Shameless, I know. Who can resist a post that starts with a tiny lamb face?  This lovely creature is Cassiopeia and she was born a couple weeks ago at White Barn Farm.  I had the chance to meet her and some of her flock last week when Paula kind enough to loan me and some friends her lovely pastures as back drop for a photo shoot.

Diesel, the newest ram on the farm getting his 15 minutes.

Thea Coughlin came down from Albany to shoot a new shawl I finished along with some other projects that aren't mine and still under wraps...It was a cold but super fun day, I love being at White Barn and it was such a nice treat to see Thea in between Squam Art Workshop sessions!

The pattern for the shawl, Triad,  is now available and even enjoyed a some time in the Top 20 on Ravelry! I made mine with 3 skeins of Mohonk in Mourning Dove, Straw Into Gold & Rusty.

Because combioning color is one of my favorite things to do, I thought I'd put together this little chart of possible color combinations I think would be great. All of these work whether you read them across or down.

I can't wait to see what everyone making the shawl chooses for their colors! Are you making Triad? What colors did you pick?

If you missed the announcement, I am super psyched to be heading off to Portland to spend the Rose City Yarn Crawl (3/1-3/3) at one of my favorite far away LYSs Happy Knits, if you are in the Portland area, please come & say hi!

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