Tuesday, November 20



252yds/230m 4oz/113g
5-5.5sts/in on US #5-6/3.75-4mm
100% NYS Cheviot Wool
One of my two newest yarns made from locally sourced wool, spun for me in New England.  Valkill is a hard wearing yarn made from Cheviot. Derek, the fine example above is one of the many sheep who shared his fleece for this yarn.

Valkill is spun in a way reminiscent of Icelandic style yarns, a hearty single ply appearance made with Cheviot fiber. I find this Cheviot to be soft enough to wear against the skin but it is definitely a toothier feel than the more fine-fleeced Rambouillet, or Merino.  The first run of Valkill has been dyed in bright shades of semisolid colors.  I'm picturing this yarn worked in bold colorwork patterns, modern takes on Lopepesaya or Cowichan sweaters and scaled up granny sqaures.

What can you envision Valkill growing up to be? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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