Tuesday, July 13

Long Time No See

I'm slightly embarrassed when I see the date of the last post. Well, I'm not going to lie it's been a tough month.   I really needed some hope & the promise of good things to come...
and I found it, in the place I can almost always trust to be hopeful & inspiring: the garden.

I started a bunch of heirloom seeds way back in March and it seems like a loooong time coming but, the first signs of lots of veggies in the making are finally making an appearance.

This is a teeny tiny bud that soon will be producing one of my favorite scents...lavender!


Over here we have the first of many tiny cukes destined for salads & pickling


This (if it survives the nightly groundhog attacks!) will be a cosmos

The very first of my most treasured garden crop

Then there are 3 varieties of bush beans, green, wax & purple (!) They will make a show stopping bean salad. Yup, I called a bean salad show stopping. Just you wait...

Oh, and I've been dyeing lots & lots of yarn
Splendor by the dozen and a new addition that will be in my shop this week:
Hudson: a springy, silky, superwash Merino worsted weight. I love this yarn! I use it to teach my Hudson Valley Winter Socks class, an intro to sock making that uses worsted weight.  I think it is a less scary proposition for first time sock makers to use "normal" sized needles instead of those "toothpicks".

Stay tuned for lots of new yarns being introduced for Fall, larger dyelots & patterns for all sorts of cozy knits....

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  1. In hindsight, I wonder if "cuke blossoms" are edible (like squash blossoms are). Again... great pics!