Thursday, June 3

I know it's officially Summer when...

Two things happen:
1. The farmers market in town opens - buh bye Southern peaches & California strawberries
2. I can start using my backyard as the florist shop it is meant to be

I'm happy to say both requirements finally being met, it is SUMMER!!!(evidence of both below)

Here's a pic of Cal & I in our booth at the Kingston Farmers Market last weekend.  It only sprinkled for a minute, otherwise it was a perfect day, and no, I have no idea why we are looking off camera & smirking...
We're both fair & freckle-y so the sunhats are definitely a necessity for long days outside, Cal sells them in her shop

Here are some amazing peonies that just needed to be cut & brought in I hate to see their droopy heads laying on the ground, fallen from their own weight.

I think these are weeds but they are pretty enough for me not to pull them...

And because really what would the internet be without some cute animal pics...


  1. i love this post, it features 3 of my favorite things!

  2. Those weeds look suspiciously like lily of the valley.

  3. They are lily of the valley-esque but much taller (18ish inches) and in the picture posted the leaves in the background are the surrounding Hosta leaves. I wish they were though, I love lilies of the valley!