Tuesday, April 27

Chancellor's Sheep & Wool

I had a great Saturday at the Chancellor's Sheep & Wool Showcase.  The weather was absolutely perfect, I got to see lots of friends (even my mom, brother & sister in law to be showed up!) and meet some really nice people.
The show is held at the Clermont Historic Site which is probably the most beautiful location I've ever attended a craft fair or fiber fest at.


The pics are slightly dark - it was only 9am when I was shooting them...but you still get the idea.  Lots & lots of yarn!

I've also been hard at work coming up with some transitional patterns for the Spring/Summer season - which is making it very hard for me to attend to my baby seedlings & necessary garden preparation - if only there were a few more hours in each day!
Here's a little preview:

Patterns & Kits coming soon...

Friday, April 16

Teeny Tiny Designy

So I read a NYT article...
It was all about the "movement" towards mini-houses designed in a mid-century modern style.  Described in the article it is a hobby, partly as an escape a partly as another consumer based obsession, driven by the desire for Eames & Noguchi furniture that is out of reach.
I prefer to think about the escape-ism aspect.

This dresser is a little over 4" x 2" x 1"!

No green thumb? How about these already fruiting tomato plants? Or irises?
Both are under scaled like much in the miniature world to 1:12 meaning each inch represents a foot.

So these are super tiny and amazing works of art, right?
Check this out

That's a DIME people, next to a perfectly formed pull xylophone.

Or maybe you need a mission style bookcase to hold all your art & design books?

You could personalize your tiny environs with a monogrammed pillow measuring just over an inch

I love this salad set and can't believe they are hand carved

All this tiny, beautiful furniture & accessories without the commitment to have to "live" with it, all of these tiny perfect worlds that never need to be vacuumed or have laundry done to stay neat.  I get it, now to resist starting another collection that could easily take over rooms...

Saturday, April 10

Rainbows & Unicorns

Okay well that is totally false advertising but I do sort of have rainbows...

This is some Splendor sock yarn I have been dyeing to get ready for the Chancellor's Sheep & Wool Showcase on April 24th.  Obviously I have had Spring on the brain.  It has been lovely here, the perfect weather for drying yarn & roving in the sun.

I also spent more time than I'm willing to admit organizing my Flickr & Ravelry hand dyed yarn pages because once I saw the colors all laid out together I couldn't stop...

Maybe I should make thes for breakfast tomorrow in keeping with the theme:
I saw these on Swiss Miss but they are originally from here .
We don't even own food coloring but this is definitely an excuse to go out & get some! The crunchy side of me has been considering what natural stuff I could substitute for the coloring but, honestly I don't think a few drop of food coloring is all that bad for you.

As for the unicorns you are going to have to go out & find your own but, if they can find living "dinofish" thought to be extinct I guess anything is possible...

Friday, April 2

Follow the Fiber: The Crocheter

Yay!  Cal has finished her piece of our Follow the Fiber project and 4 oz. of undyed Merino top has passed through 3 sets of hands to end as a lovely crocheted hat!

It is pretty amazing to watch the process
of this
turning into this >

I am so lucky to have these amazing & talented women as friends!  If you want to follow the step by step progression you should check out Cris' first post and the my subsequent post for all the fiber-y goodness.  Beside the fact that I love the hat - Cal has amazing crochet skills that always make me want to take a little more time with my hooks, you have to check out her hand wound center pull ball.  Seriously! It looks like a skein from the yarn shop.
Well, I've got to pull some wool out of a crock pot so that's it for now.
Happy Friday!