Friday, April 16

Teeny Tiny Designy

So I read a NYT article...
It was all about the "movement" towards mini-houses designed in a mid-century modern style.  Described in the article it is a hobby, partly as an escape a partly as another consumer based obsession, driven by the desire for Eames & Noguchi furniture that is out of reach.
I prefer to think about the escape-ism aspect.

This dresser is a little over 4" x 2" x 1"!

No green thumb? How about these already fruiting tomato plants? Or irises?
Both are under scaled like much in the miniature world to 1:12 meaning each inch represents a foot.

So these are super tiny and amazing works of art, right?
Check this out

That's a DIME people, next to a perfectly formed pull xylophone.

Or maybe you need a mission style bookcase to hold all your art & design books?

You could personalize your tiny environs with a monogrammed pillow measuring just over an inch

I love this salad set and can't believe they are hand carved

All this tiny, beautiful furniture & accessories without the commitment to have to "live" with it, all of these tiny perfect worlds that never need to be vacuumed or have laundry done to stay neat.  I get it, now to resist starting another collection that could easily take over rooms...

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