Friday, April 2

Follow the Fiber: The Crocheter

Yay!  Cal has finished her piece of our Follow the Fiber project and 4 oz. of undyed Merino top has passed through 3 sets of hands to end as a lovely crocheted hat!

It is pretty amazing to watch the process
of this
turning into this >

I am so lucky to have these amazing & talented women as friends!  If you want to follow the step by step progression you should check out Cris' first post and the my subsequent post for all the fiber-y goodness.  Beside the fact that I love the hat - Cal has amazing crochet skills that always make me want to take a little more time with my hooks, you have to check out her hand wound center pull ball.  Seriously! It looks like a skein from the yarn shop.
Well, I've got to pull some wool out of a crock pot so that's it for now.
Happy Friday!

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  1. I've really enjoyed following this process! Each of you are so artistic! I love the final product-very fun!