Thursday, February 18

For the love of Socks

I am one of those people that is ALWAYS cold.  I don't know, I must have been a cat or a lizard in a past life...
For that reason (and a few others) I love hand knit socks!  Really.  It sounds so funny but once you have hand knit socks on your feet no others really compare.  Luckily my mom is a prolific sock knitter.  So I have a few great pairs that I didn't even have to graft a single stitch of.

I guess I have been thinking lots about socks lately.  I am teaching a sock workshop in Rhinebeck, NY which is super fun.  I love watching people acquire new skills & surprise themselves with what they are capable of.

These are the socks my class will be making
Done in worsted weight yarn & #7 needles I think they are a very conquerable sock for newbies to double points or heel turnings.

They are made with my own hand painted superwash Merino and I have a hard time taking them off. 

I've also been dyeing some of the most squishy sock yarn - I'm calling it Splendor because it is a blend of 80% Merino wool 10% Cashmere & 10% Nylon and quite heavenly to knit & wear.   

Alright, stop distracting me...I have socks to knit!

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  1. mmmm, i LOVE some of those color combos! especially the red-and-dirty-turquoisey one...