Wednesday, February 24

Follow the Fiber - The dyer

I am lucky enough to have incredibly  talented (as well as fun) fiber friends.  Two of them are practically neighbors (well they live Upstate ;)  Cal of Hodge Podge Farm and Cris of Into the Whirled.   We are all members of our local spinning guild & at a long ago meeting realized we all had Etsy shops - a threeway friendship was born.  We are often discussing techniques & supplies, sharing success, lots of laughs & sometimes frustrations.

Over beers or maybe it was coffee and idea was hatched...

Since we all specialize in a different but, related part of the fiber arts what if via bloggin we followed a humble 4oz of top through each of our fingers.
Well Cris is the Dyer so her piece needs to be first.  Read all about her process & see what I got to work with next here 

^ That's a little preview.  Even though I usually dye my own top I loved reading about her process, it is completely different than mine!  It is a luxury for me to just get to spin - no mixing colors or waiting for the wool to dry.  
Well, I've got the lovely top she prepared in my hands now and a perfect snow day to spin in front of the fireplaceAnd I better get spinning too, beacause once I'm finished it's off to Cal for her to crochet some marvelous creation with!

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