Friday, April 10

Save Our Stags

Early Spring can be such a stark time of year, it's tax season, here in the Northeast Winter still grips us with icy fingers, snow is dirty grey icebergs instead of fresh fluffy piles, we've eaten our share of stews so we dream of fresh corn & tomatoes.

I hear from the farmers I work with about daily lamb births and some of the sheep have already been freed of their year's growth in service of next year's yarn, so I know Spring is here whether she shows her face or not. Here at JDMS Spring means ordering yarn for next Fall & Winter, working on new kits & experimenting in my studio.
I've spent lots of time thinking about this business & how happy I am that other people seem almost as excited about the yarn as I do. Part of what I love so much about what I do is being able to make something that isn't finished until YOU add your creativity to it.  I can't tell you how special it is to see the things you make with the yarn. I am so grateful for your support that I'd like to offer you a token of my appreciation.  

Save Our Stags 
As you work up your skeins of JDMS yarn, cut the stag off the left hand side of the label & affix it to the sheet available for download here. Once you have collected 20 stags mail both pages (stags affixed to their page please) to us
 and we'll send you a digital gift certificate for $25 to use on

 The labels can be from any JDMS yarn and may have been purchased anywhere.  For obvious reasons all 20 stags need to be the actual piece of the label, not a copy and must be attached to the page provided. Within 30 days of receiving your completed pages you'll receive a digital gift certificate to use on

It's your yarn and you can do whatever you want with it but I hope this is an incentive to use the yarn you have in your stash.  I plan on running this program for a while so please don't feel like you need to rush to your craft room & cut the labels off yarn you aren't using yet. I like to think JDMS yarn is pretty great in the skein but it really doesn't reach its full potential until it's been made into fabric.

I have a Ravelry group and I'd love to see what your making with the yarn or answer any questions you may have about this new program.

I hope Spring is just dreary enough to help you stay inside to finish any WIPs, for me that means adding pockets to this languishing Rockwell sweater. Pocket linings are the only thing missing, and if you went to Stitches West, yes, I wore this with pocket 'holes' and all.

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