Thursday, August 14

Summer wanes, wool waxes

It seems impossible that Labor day is only a few short weeks away which means cooler, shorter day are on the horizon.  I woke up this morning to the first really cold morning air. Which is bittersweet, always.  I'll miss the long Summer evenings, grilling and those tomatoes from the garden I've been feasting on.  But I'm looking forward to a super busy, fun Fall and of course sweater weather!

My big summer knit has been Vertices Unite made with almost all the bases from my line.  You can read all the specific details on my Ravelry project page. I'd finished the knitting a while back but I made the large version (and even larger because I used US6s to accommodate some sportweight inclusions) so it just got too big & hot to have on my lap in the humid mid-Summer heat.  Now that it has cooled a bit I've been slowly finishing the I-cord bind off.  I love the look of I-cord edging but it is quite slow going.  I use a DPN for I-cord bind offs, I find it SO much easier to maneuver a short DPN with some much moving back & forth of stitches.

I've been busy in the dye studio, you WOULD NOT believe the quantity of yarn here. It is truly staggering.  I've amped up production on a few of the favorites so hopefully the stocks will last longer, but that being said the yarn that uses local wool has a finite amount every year.  Because I work with farms directly for some of the bases once we've gone through this year's shearing, there just isn't any more wool until the following year. 

Empire is about to make it's reappearance and I know that when it ran out last year I heard from a bunch of you disappointed not to get your hands on some.  I use a local flock of Rambouillet, to which, this year we have added a large quantity of western grown wool to hopefully meet demand.  I'll be adding it in batches to my shop over the next few months & it will also be showing up at shops across the US and one in Canada.

Which shops you ask? Well, I have a handy list here.  This yarn is not at these shops yet but if one of these LYSs is your LYS you can keep your eyes peeled for it in September.

That's most of the news for now.  This Fall & Winter will bring lots of new patterns, kits and even a yarn or two.  I'm so excited to start sharing all this stuff with you guys, but first. I have a few more tomato sandwiches to eat.

Don't forget about my Instagram contest!  There are some great entries already & I can't wait to see even more! Did I mention there are $100 JDMS gift certificates for the winners? There are!

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