Wednesday, September 4

Spinning a Sweater

I've been dreaming of sweaters almost non-stop since I woke up on the first morning that had a cool breeze blowing through the windows.   

I have had a couple incredibly beautiful fleeces that have been slowly getting washed and carded over the past couple years (yeah...) but finally they have made it to the spinning stage!  I could not be happier.  They are both lovely naturally colored fleeces from Elihu Farm and I've carded in gobs (two plastic "salad" containers worth if you need specifics) of angora from my mom's bunnies that I dyed in super hot shades, pinks bright & pale, flame orange, bright purple...

I kept the two fleeces separate in the carding and have been alternating between the dark & the light sort of randomly while spinning.  My plan is to Navajo ply them so I get thick & thin stripes.

Why on earth did I start this project last weekend, just before my busiest season starts? Madness? Masochism? Distraction from the inevitable? A little gift to myself? Probably a smattering of all of those.  I haven't 100% decided what sweater pattern this will get knit up into. It will depend on my finished WPI and yardage, both of which I'm terrible at determining beforehand. I do have almost 2 pounds of batts so I figured that should be enough for my options to be pretty open.  

Have you started dreaming of sweaters yet?  
Have you ever spun for a sweater? 
Should I seek professional mental help? 

I'd love to hear your answers to any of the above questions!


  1. Jill, this is so cool! I love the colors - perfect for Fall.

    I am in exactly the same boat and, yes, we may need professional help. I sneak up to my bedroom just to look at my wheel!

    have just washed and started to card the fleece I bought at the Maryland show back in May. I have no idea what I'm planning to do with it, but a sweater could be just the thing.

    Happy spinning!

  2. Sweaters are filling my dreams these days too. I have two on the needles, and more in my imagination, and somehow I have to start my holiday knitting, and oh, how I love fall!

    This is going to be gorgeous. Even if you just have to look at the bobbins until after the holidays, you'll know you have something beautiful waiting for you at the end.

    1. After the holidays seems so far away though!! But in reality probably a truer estimation of when I'll get this on the needles. A girl can dream, right? :)