Tuesday, October 2

Overwhelmed, awed, amazed

Friends, I can't begin to thank you enough for all your votes & shares during the craziness of the voting for the American Made Award!

First, to even be selected as a finalist among thousands of businesses making things here in the US was such an honor. Then, to see the quality of things being made, I felt even prouder. Finally, to have all of you; customers, colleagues, old friends, the best family in the world and even my personal favorite record label getting in on it and trying to help me win what could be one of the most amazing prizes awarded to a small business has been utterly and completely heartwarming.

I spend most days alone, head-down, working away to bring you the yarns I've always wanted to knit with. High quality, ethically sourced and hand painted or kettle dyed with love and attention to detail. 

Sometimes working alone like this it's hard to remember why I'm doing this. It's all of you that remind me, every one of you who *squee-s* in my booth at a fiber fest or sends me an email with your finished project, comments on yarn pics on facebook or joined my Ravelry group!

The good news is it's not over yet!! The winner won't be announced until 10/8 (I know! I'm dy(e)ing too!) and apparently it isn't all about votes! Your part is over and for all your active participation I can't begin to thank you enough.  It was truly humbling, awe inspiring & heartwarming to see this little (one woman!) company stay among the top vote-getters day after day. 

Everyone keep your fingers & toes, knitting needles & crochet hooks crossed for me. Without you Jill Draper Makes Stuff wouldn't exist and my life would definitely be much less awesome than it is.

From the very bottom of my yarnie heart...


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  1. Congratulations! It was a pleasure meeting you during Finger Lakes Fiber Festival this past September. :)