Friday, February 18

Fashion week & February thaw

For the first time in a long time we have windows open in the house.  It's cold in here but it feels so nice to be able to have fresh air circulating again.  Here, in upstate New York we are getting our first taste of Spring.  The few feet of snow in the yard are starting to melt away, very possibly to be replaced, sooner rather than later but I won't think about that now. Now I'll put yarn outside to dry for the first time in months, use the grill and bask in the balmy 50s.

At the same time not so far away in Manhattan NY Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday.  I love flipping through pictures from all the shows & was planning on sharing a little wrap up of what I found lovely & intriguing especially when it comes to knitwear design.  I poured over so many pictures and found so many things I'd like to share that I think I'll break it up over a couple posts. 

images via

The first thing I noticed; and maybe because as a first time Sock Summit attendee (did I mention that yet? - I'M GOING TO SOCK SUMMIT!) I have hosiery on the brain; was the amazing display of tights & socks.  The legs pictured above are mostly from Anna Sui (on purple background) the deep rust are Charlotte Ronson & the plaid-ish ones are from Libertine

Intarsia, plaid, lacy and textured I love (and would like to own) all of these.  I'll admit a little bias here, I went to a Catholic high school and the only thing we could change from day to day was our legwear.  I had an epic tights & socks collection, and still have a hard time resisting a really good pair. I have never made hand knit tights but it is one of my goals for 2011, to have a knitted tight pattern available, so this will be the year!  I figure, I've made socks & I've made boy short bathing suit bottoms -once- so really the only part I haven't done is the thigh shaping, how hard could it be, right?

I'll let you know how that project goes along. I'm hoping to develop at least one knitting pattern based on each of the themes I see in Fall 2011 - wish me luck!

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