Sunday, September 5

Cormos & the perfect drive

I went to White Barn Farm  - a new knitting store in Gardiner  - to drop off some yarn and I took a route I hadn't taken when driving that way before and found one of my favorite drives.  It has cliffs & low, wide, slow moving water, all the things I love about the Hudson Valley.  It reminded me that a whole group of 19th century painters found inspiration in this same landscape and there are still a few places that if you squint your eyes a little to blur out the phone wires & houses in the distance you can see some of the most beautiful views around.
I was driving, so no photos of the drive but...
Paula, the proprietor of White Barn Farm & caretaker of the Cormos that also reside on the grounds was kind enough to let me make a sheep visit to go out & see the flock.  I love shooting animals of all sorts and these Cormos were not only photogenic, I think they may have been posing for me:

More on White Barn Farm to come...

This weekend is a double market weekend for me! Kingston Farmers Market with Cal (of Hodge Podge Farm) and at the Woodstock New Paltz Craft Fair with the Ulster County Hand Spinners. Cal & I were nearly blown away at the Farmers Market but here are some shots form this month & August's market: