Saturday, January 9

On Goats

Goats are truly incredible and under-appreciated creatures of the earth.  I am constantly amazed at the plant and animal life that surrounds us on this planetI have a collection of natural history books that I can thumb through for hours and never tire of the different combinations of textures, shapes and colors of the plants & animals we share this planet with.  
But back to goats...

The picture above is a goat I've been calling St.Cashmere, he is being raised by nuns at a convent in Upstate New York.  The picture on the right is my mom's sweet angora goat, Elijah.

So from the various species of goats we get milk for delicious cheese and silky soap, lovely fiber in the form of mohair or cashmere and then there's this:
Rectangular pupils!!! 

It seems like from my quick web research that it has to do with enhanced peripheral or night vision but, I went to art school so don't take my word for it, that's what the library is for.


  1. yay for goats! i just 'subscribed' to you. uh-oh, PRESSURE!!!

  2. One more reason to love Jill Draper-she loves goats!! :) Growing up I had "pet" goats, of the French Alpine variety. Now the girls pester me about a goat of their own. I think Elijah would make a great addition at the castle! :)

  3. Goats are great pets! I'm w/ the girls, my mom's goats are like dogs. Elijah always puts his chin up so I can scratch his goatee.