Tuesday, January 10

Welcome 2012!

2012 is looking like it will be the year of dozens. 
I've decided to take on these challenges myself.  MY goal is to both knit 12 garments AND release at least 12 new patterns in 2012.
It's insane ambitious and maybe not possible but this gal is going to try her honest best to get it done!
January's sweater is already to the armholes and a sweater I started this Fall is finally shot  (see above) and a bunch of new patterns will be available for the first time this weekend at Vogue Knitting Live in my booth #2304 and there will be a new sweater kit available at Knitting Central's booth #2201.

Here's a little taste:
What are your ambitious undertakings for 2012?
Let's try to cheer each other on and make 2012 the year of doing!