Monday, October 31

NaKniSweMo -what?!

That crazy combination of letters either means something to you or you think I just suffered some sort of stroke. Don't worry. I didn't.

NaKniSweMo was thought up by Shannon Okey - maybe you know her as Knit Grrl or the face of Cooperative Press?  I could go into some lengthy explanation of what NaKniSweMo is but you should just go over & read the description on the Rav group.  I'll wait.

So...Cal said she was going to do it and so did cross border bud Natalie who claims to be making TWO! I've decided I can't resist the challenge of knitting something in a month that's not on a deadline for a publication.

Do you want to try it?  Well here's a tiny incentive to get you started.  Free shipping in my shop starting today and going until next Monday if you use the code NAKNISWEMO*.  BUT that's only the start...I want to see pics of WIPs and finished sweaters so, if you upload a finished JDMS sweater pic to my Facebook Group or Rav group - you'll be entered in a drawing to win a gigantic hank of Empire.

Yup, 1280yds of aran weight NYS Rambouillet wool. 

Oh, and I know the "real" NaKniSweMo is supposed to be 50,000 sts but I've never been a stickler for the rules so as long as the sweater is either made from JDMS yarn or from one of my patterns AND started & finished in November it counts.

*again, because of my dislike of strict rules, if you want to order yarn and not use it for NaKniSweMo and still get free shipping, that's okay too :)

Monday, October 24

Long time, no blog

I know, I know... it has been ages since anything new got typed in this space!  It's because I've been so busy doing things, I've hardly had a chance to photograph then or type about them!!

Let's see, after Sock Summit I ran head first into fiber fest prep.  I had a lovely time and came home with many goodies from Finger Lakes Fiber Fest, Southern Adirondack Fiber Fest and NYS Sheep & Wool (aka RHINEBECK) luckily I was also selling some stuff along the way.

In no particular order and without pics of everything because well, I don't want to seem like a yarn & notions hoarder (I'm not and I will swear that to you unless you have a trip planned to my studio). OH and some of it is for top secret present making :)

A cute elfin project bag from Stitched By JessaLu -

is it wrong to hope these guys do a little work on the project inside while I sleep?

Recycled Silk from Hampton Artistic Yarns
I *may* have gotten more than the one hank but it was the first time I got to see it in person! I've been coveting online for a while, now the question is what to make with it?!

Also a bag of crazy, tropical fruit batts (nope, not intended) also from Hampton Artistic Yarns, besides just plain liking Debbie, she makes some really lovely stuff. 

This pile of crazy might be my first hand spun "art" yarn.  I think these colors should keep me warm & happy on the most grey Winter day.

Also from a lovely Rhinebeck vendor who didn't label their hanks (please, please, vendors: label your yarn, I'm both slightly disorganized and a little overyarnwhelmed and I will never find the card I wrote your info on)

From what I can remember this yarn is 10-20% angora and the balance is Merino.  What I know for sure is, I bought a sweater's worth mainly in pearly grey and a few bright rose hanks and this sweater will be AMAZING and for ME.

Also irresistible was this rainbow hank of fingering weight SW Merino from Steam Valley Fiber Farm

Honestly, the picture does not do this beauty justice!  Phylleri creates fantastic colorways and I have no idea what this is destined for but it will be good!

Let's see... I also designed a window for Wing & Clover in Rhinebeck

Scheduled some classes at Purl SoHo, including a brand new class to make Fraternal Knee Socks from the toes up

Made pies, ate pies.  Knitted some, ripped more.  Started tweeting.  Saw friends new & old from near & far.  Made plans.  Dyed lots and lots and lots of yarn.

So that was my "Summer Vacation".  What have you been up to?